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ll be honest, at first I did not like writing Blogs. But within a short period of time it became my favorite things to do. There's many benefits. We can share our experiences weather it be gardening Asparagus or flying an airplane.

Every Asparagus season if you have ever talked with me on the phone you go away with new ideas on how to control garden pests, the fastest and easiest way to plant Asparagus. Now you can read Blogs and learn and sharing your experiences on this Blog. Some recent Blogs are Old Man Winter, How To Control Birds In Your Asparagus Garden, How To Keep Fleas Off Your Dog with Pennyroyal.

And in return I have learned from you  many tips and tricks to make my garden better for a more productive season of fun and big harvests.  So  let's keep this Blog a - roll - n.



 Old Man Winter Tips On Planting Asparagus


  Are Pests Destroying Your Asparagus Garden? Solution



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 The Thin Asparagus Are The Tough Guys!!



Fried Pies Apple, Cherry, Peach  - For Any Occasion!!


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