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 Sunchokes vs Artichoke GlobeWhere the name comes from one knows. Sunchokes are tall and colorful like Sunflowers. Globe Artichokes is more like a "thistle". Both are a great investments to your garden. Bringing you great harvests every season. The benefits of gardening Sunchokes are many: Sunchokes are the only plant that does not make sugar. Plant in any type of soil that drains well. Plant early Spring harvest late Fall. Sunchokes have many great features that make them a "no care" garden delight. The tubers are very mature and with good size. Freshly harvest and ready for your garden. Sunchokes are are a great investment for your garden. Important: Harvest Sunchokes late Fall and store in soil in a cool place. Never store in refrigerator. Store in pail with a cold place.