All Orders Are Video Recorded – Asparagus Roots For Sale

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All Orders Are Video Recorded


   To Better serve you all orders are Video Recorded. 







 Contact Before Shipping

We will contact you via email or phone 1 - 2 weeks prior to shipping your order. At that time we can confirm with you that Spring has arrived and that you will be available to receive your Asparagus Order. We are an Asparagus Farm  and your Asparagus roots are out in the field until it is your shipping day. Your shipping day depends on when Spring arrives for you.







 Inspector # _______________ To better serve you all orders are video recorded for quality and quantity in the packing and shipping of your order. Questions about your order should be prompt.   Email: Include your name, state and order number. And together we will work together and bring you the best shopping experience ever.


Receiving Your Asparagus: 

1. Once your Order has arrived open the box. Check what has been shipped. Asparagus roots ship first. Other plants such as Tomato Plants, Herbs, Artichokes follow as they come above ground.

2. Open the boxes and take the Asparagus roots out - lay them on newspaper at room temperature - no sun - no water. 

3. Best plant by date . . . 4 days. If you can not plant call or email and we will send instructions on what to do. Do not plant in wet soggy soil.