Chives-Garlic-Wild Ramps - Horseradish- Egyptian Walking – Asparagus Roots For Sale

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Chives-Garlic-Wild Ramps - Horseradish- Egyptian Walking

Where to buy the best organic farm raised Garlic plants - Seed - Cloves For Sale!! Our Asparagus Farm grows 2 varieties: Jumbo Garlic - hot and pungent and Elephant garlic which is bigger yet not as strong as Jumbo. Wild Ramps are a cross between an onion and a garlic. Wild Ramps are unique in flavor and growing. Why Plant Garlic and Wild Ramps? Garlic has many benefits. First, garlic no matter which variety is great for all types of recipes. Another great advantage of garlic is it  will keep the pests out of your garden. Plant  garlic in between your Asparagus plants or around your tomato and watch the bugs be gone!!  The benefit of Wild Ramps is its  unique flavor for cooking. Wild Ramps are easy to grow and a garden delight as they require no care. Once or twice during the season Garlic likes Happy Meal Tea Food. Wild Ramps like filtered sun light and the soil that is  found under trees. The unique characteristic of Walking Onions is they just fall down and replant themselves. These bulbs, plants are valuable addition to your garden. Buy many and enjoy a grand harvest all season