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Skip Jack Fish Emulsion easy to use with fast results.  Skip Jack  Fish Eulsion is handmade ar=t our Asparagus Farm. The benefits from Skip Jack Fish Emulsion  has many bcteria and fungi. that can break down the compost into a form of food the the Asparagus and plant roots can ingest. Without bateria abnd figi the compost just sits in the soil and the plants go hungry. Fish Emulsion goes back 100's of years. Now bqack by popular deend. Buy Best before the sSkip Jack Fish Emulsion Fertilizer  are all gone.
Skip Jack Fish Emulsion breaks down the compost with million bacteria and fungi. Plants can not eat unless the compos t is broken down. Use Skip Jack and your garden will reward you with many great harvests all season.

Back By Popular Demand - Skip Jack Fish Emulsion Organic Plant Fertilizer- Buy Best!!

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What Is Skip Jack Fish Elusion? And How Does It Feed Your Garden Plants and Roots? Skip Jack Fish Emulsion Organic Plant Fertilizer has  millions good bacteria and fungi that will ingest the compost and make a bi-product that is full of enzymes and proteins that will break down the compost to a liquid. Now the plants and roots now have a  solution they can take in.

Many Times, Gardeners have asked: I have added compost into my garden soil, yet my plants don't produce well or grow very slow. 

Fish Emulsion offers a protein to feed our soil microorganisms, which may help to build a more robust soil food web resulting in improved plant health for the long term. Skip Jack Fish Emulsion's benefits to plants and ease of use make this an exceptional fertilizer in the garden.

 We are from the Texas Gardening Group in Houston.   We had compost and a nice sandy loam soil. Yet our garden lacks luster and productivity. Actually, the plants looked like they were starving. After are meeting with the Asparagus Farm. We learned an old long-time trick that the Indians used:

Fish Emulsion. Easy to use 4 tablespoons to a gallon of water. That is all it took to make our garden smile at us with Thank you!!

Texas Gardening Club Cleaning Up From A Long Wointer So We Can Plant  Our 3 Year Old Asparagus Roots In Our Garden. Can't wait to feed the Asparagus our Skip Jack Fish Emulsion Plant Food. We added plenty of Red Wigglers Worms As Well. Happy Gardening!!

The answer is: something needs to be in with the compost to break it down to a useable form that plants can use.  Fish Emulsions has millions of bacteria and fungi to get the job done.  

Plants Don't Use Fork and Knives!! And Have no teeth!!

Skip Jack Fish Emulsion:  is made from whole fish parts. These are not fish parts left over from some industry. They  are caught fresh at the Chattanooga Dam  and prepared same  day.  The fish parts turn into a slurry with millions of bacteria and fungi to break down the compost so the plants roots' can eat.

Fish Emulsion provides: 

While nutrient ratios may vary, a typical fish emulsion may have nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) rates of 2-4-1 and the micronutrients calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, and sodium.

*** And more importantly, Skip Jack Fish Emulsion Plant Fertilizer will have millions of good bacteria , fugus that will breakdown the compost so the plants can eat.

 Furthermore, Skip Jack Fish Emulsion provide the needed  protein to feed our soils' microorganisms, which may help to build a more robust soil food web resulting in improved plant health for the long term.  Don't let another gardening season pass with out refurbishing  your compost with Fish Emulsion.

The Fishy Smell!!  I have read comments about fishy  smell. That is a worn out agreement. Once the Fish  Emulsion is applied to your garden with in minutes , the smell is dissipated into the air and smell all gone.