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Where To Buy Asparagus Roots- Crowns


Do you want the best easy to plant fast to grow Asparagus roots for your garden? Order your Asparagus from our Asparagus Farm. We ship all across the USA. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Order Online or send an email and  request an Invoice and complete On line or Mail In your order.

 What Is The Difference Between A Nursery - Garden Shop and an Asparagus Farms?

Both sell Asparagus roots for your garden. However, there are grave differences between an Asparagus Farm and a nursery

 A nursery does not grow Asparagus. Asparagus are purchased from wholesalers late fall and stored in bins until Spring. Some Asparagus are planted outside and later dug up. Digging up Asparagus with a shovel will destroy the long fibrous parts of the root. It takes special farm equipment to extract an Asparagus roots after being planted in soil.

A garden shop does not grow Asparagus roots either. They buy Asparagus roots  and re-sell them. And to keep the Asparagus from growing while at garden shop the Asparagus are sprayed with a growth retardant. And seldom grow when planted in your garden. Some may lead you to believe they dig their own Asparagus, yet the Asparagus are stored in coolers. Asparagus roots are very perishable and will contract viruses and mold when stored in a cooler.

Asparagus Farm . . .  At our Asparagus Farm we grow our own Asparagus from seed. We have special equipment to extract the roots with out damaging them. We don't use coolers. The Asparagus roots stay in the fields until your shipping date. Asparagus roots are harvested early morning and shipped same day. From our farm to your garden. We guarantee that you will receive fresh healthy Asparagus  roots for your garden. 

Image your garden full of 3 year Asparagus roots waiting for you to harvest. Buy Asparagus roots  from an Asparagus Farmer and enjoy easy to plant fast to grow gardening delight. Buy, plant, grow, garden, gardening.




  • David Grande

    Thanks for the blog on where to get Asparagus roots for sale.
    If you can a chance can you do blog on Garlic? Do you buy it at the store and plant it? Some gardeners say don’t buy garlic at a store because the garlic has to be sprayed so it doesn’t grow while in the store.

  • Frechie Gormon

    I planted in 2018 and this Spring I am making White Asparagus, White is grown predominately in Europe. And when I was there I ate plenty. Great flavor.

  • jon wringler

    Go to know. I like your your farm to my garden. No storing roots.
    “Thumbs Up!!

  • Gill Feathers

    I buy Asparagus roots 3 year. Easy to plant fast to grow garden delight. I got mine from the farm and glad I did. I harvested for 8 weeks.

  • eddie patoo

    I like my Asparagus from a farm. I get 3 year roots and harvest same season.

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