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Why Plant Jumbo Garlic

                                         Why Plant Garlic?

Garlic makes an excellent companion plant with all garden plants -especially Asparagus and Strawberry Plants. Garlic develops  thin hairy roots. The roots do not go very deep into the soil. Therefore not competeing with the Asparagus or other plants.

Garlic keeps away bugs and garden pests is in a simple easy way. The Garlic releases sulfur into the air. The sulfur irritates the nose of rabbits and bugs. Their nose will burn a little.  Then off they go to some elses garden and not return.

How To Plant Garlic: The best Garlic to use is the Jumbo Garlic. Elephant Garlic is to big and not as pungent as the Jumbo Garlic. Garlic likes the same kind of growing conditions as Asparagus or Strawberry plants.

First plant your Asparagus and then plants the Garlic. Press each Garlic plant in between each root. Or in between each Strawberry plant. Garlic grows all winter and can handle hot as well as cold environments. Water the Garlic the same as the Asparagus or Strawberries.

Enjoy a garden free of pests. Buy many Garlic and harvest plenty of Asparagus and Strawberries. Dont let those garden pests eat off of your garden.  Click this link to order Garlic now.