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Red Wiggler Worm should be an essential part of everyone's garden. They a valuable tool to your plants. Red Wiggler Worms work endless. They till the soil . They break down the compost that your put in your soil so plants can up take the nutrients. Every garden should have Red Wiggler Worms.

Red Wiggler Vermicompost Buy Best 2lbs

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                        Red Wiggler Vermicompost       What is Vermicomposting?

Product used: The use of earthworms to convert organic waste into fertilizer. Compost is made up of all types of waste products. Vermicompost is made up of only organic waste products.

Red Wiggler Worms VS Microbes Compost is made from waste that has undergone biological breakdown by using microbes.

Vermicompost is produced when the decomposition of organic waste occurs and to speed up the decomposition, earthworms are used.

Vermicompost has a profound effect on plants. It boosts the nutrients available to plants, helping seeds to germinate more quickly, grow faster, develop better root systems and produce higher yields. That means more flowers or fresh fruits and vegetables.

In sum, Worms organic used to break organic compost down. With plants loving the end result.