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All Fern Plants Fiddlehead Fern- Christmas Fern *

 Fern Plants For Sale that we grow here at the Farm are of two types only. I like plants that are unique and stand out in my garden causing a show case effect. And you will enjoy these as well as they make your garden a "show case".  Fiddlehead Ferns: The edible fern is the Fiddlehead. It produce delightful Fiddlehead to eat. The edible Fiddleheads are very hard to find for sale. So just grow your own. They grow in any kind of soil. Prefer morning sun and afternoon shade or filtered sun light. Christmas Fern: Are not edible ever. You must remember that. The Christmas fern is gorgeous as they stay evergreen color all year. Requires no care after planting. And adds a unique mystery about your garden and will hide those bare colorless spots around trees .