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Red Wiggler Worms work hard keeping your garden healthy.  They till the soil. Add bacteria to the compost to help break  it down so plants can eat it. Eat bad fungi and pooh and add  compost to your compost. Buy Red Wigglers and let them do  the gardening work for you.
Composting worms for your garden,. Where to buy red Wiggler Worms? Vermicomposting fast easy carefree.

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     Plants Do Not Use a Spoon or Fork? What Is Garden Vermicomposting? Vermicomposting is the use of Red Wiggler Worms to convert organic compost that you have added in your garden into a nutrient rich protein and enzyme source for your plants. Plants Don’t Have Teeth Nor Do They Eat With A Spoon Or Fork!!

Earthworms, no matter which variety, will convert compost into a worm manure loaded with enzymes (also known as worm castings), a nutrient-rich, biologically beneficial soil product. The worms take your compost and turn it into a liquid form that plants can ingest.

Are Worms In Your Garden Soil Important ?

Yes!! Many gardeners have stated: “I have compost in my soil, yet my plants do not look their best. Compost and no worms. End result is that plants are starving. Solution: add worms to your soil. Worms are great in your 3 yr. Asparagus beds. And for all garden beds as well.

                  Add worms to your Strawberry plants and let the worms do all the fertilizing. Plant your Strawberry Plants in Grow Greener Grow Bags and take the work out of gardening.

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