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Thin Asparagus Are The Tough Guys


                          Thin Asparagus Are The Tough Guys


An asparagus garden is an investment of time and money. Therefore every asparagus gardener wants sweet tender asparagus at harvest time. Their goal is to harvest their asparagus at the right time and height to capture the best possible sweetness and flavor and avoid producing tough asparagus.

Is there a secret to producing tender asparagus spears? Are the younger asparagus spears the most tender? In our world we constantly hear that thin is best. However this is not so when it comes to asparagus and toughness. Recent research has found that the notion; that younger and thinner asparagus spears are the most; tender; is not so. Young asparagus plants are still maturing and make lots of tough fiber to meet the demands or their continuous growth.

For example, one of the most important growth processes for young asparagus plants is standing upright. Therefore, young spears are busy making crude fiber. This crude fiber provides the asparagus plants with the plant tissue necessary to accomplishing standing up right. Crude fiber is a cellulose based material found on the outer layers of young asparagus spears. Crude Fiber . . .

The  crude fiber (Tough Layer) as the asparagus plants mature  make less crude fiber. Actually in fact, the thicker and older asparagus spears don't have the need to constantly make crude fiber like the younger spears.  In fact, mature spears produce a soft soluble fiber and nutrients. See for yourself. Follow the next 3 steps and you will be able to find the crude fiber layer in your asparagus spears.

3 Steps To Finding The Crude Layer On Asparagus Spears

First, go to your asparagus patch. Find a couple of older and a few younger asparagus spears. All the asparagus spears should be around 9 inches tall. Cut the asparagus spears close to the ground and bring them into your kitchen . Examine the asparagus spears under good light.

Second, cut the ends off all asparagus spears. Look for a thin outer green ring. This outer ring will have very little center mass on young asparagus spears. In other words, very little soft soluble fiber.

Third, take the larger spears and cut them and find the ring. The larger spears will also have the same ring . However, the ring will be filled with soft soluble fiber.

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