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Asparagus Plants Roots Crowns 2 Year

 Asparagus Roots Crown 2 Year Varieties:

Planting Asparagus roots - crowns that are 2 years old is fast and easy. However you must have patience as they will not produce edible size spears until the Asparagus roots-crowns are 3 years old. 

Ideal Buyer  of 2 year Asparagus roots - crowns: Gardeners and farmers who have patience and that are looking for an economical way to introduce Asparagus to their garden.Why plant 2 year old Asparagus roots- crowns? There are several benefits for planting 2 year crowns: there is an economical benefit as 2 year Asparagus crowns cost less than more mature 3 year Asparagus roots crowns, they are less cumbersome to handle, take less time to plant, and reduce worry .