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Old Man Winter Tips On Planting Asparagus 3 Year Roots

Old Man Winter Leaves Tips On Planting  3 Year Asparagus Roots!!

 Old Man Winter here to give you some ideas on finding a location for planting Asparagus roots in the Spring. The winter months are a good time to start planning for gardening Asparagus roots early SpringDid you know? Asparagus roots last 15 - 20 years and grown in the coldest to the hottest of climates.The cold weather and snow  that I bring you will not damage your Asparagus roots.

How important is location for planting Asparagus roots 3 yearLocation is paramount.The Asparagus Roots are like spaghetti noodles under ground. Planting Asparagus in the wrong location then replanting. No thank you. Not even the biggest  North wind and weeks of snow couldn't tackle that job. Find a permanent location for planting Asparagus  or their own bed. 

Snow!! You should be excited when the Snow starts falling. And here's why!! The snow will pile up and show you the high and low points of the ground you want to plant in. High points will need more watering. Low points will retain water. And the very lowest point will be a pool. Once the snow starts melting get out there and take notes on what you observe.

Why is Melting snow important? Melting Snow will show where water will sit and possibly accumulate during heavy Spring rain. Birds in the winter will tell you a story as well: Watch during the winter what kinds of birds come around. Here's a solution for birds. Plant Joe Pye next to your Asparagus garden. The birds will go hang out with Joe Pye and leave your 3 year Asparagus roots a lone.

Winter Wind. Steady winds blowing can have an effect on your Asparagus roots and plants as well. Wind will cause the spears to form a "u" shape. And cause the ferns to bend and break.  Here's a quiz: Look at the picture above where would you plant your Asparagus roots and why? Clues: snow, wind, birds, pooling water and  melting Snow. 



  • Karen Bigga

    I planted 3 year Asparagus roots and harvest plenty. I want to make another bed so I following Old Man winter.

  • chris


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