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* How To Grow White Asparagus !!

   Buy 3 year old Asparagus roots in any varietyPlant just like you would any other 3 year Asparagus roots. The goal is to block the sun from the emerging spears. Blocking the sun is an every day job. And how you set up your blocking equipment will determine how easy or how labor intensive you make it. Image your efforts being rewarded with endless harvests of White Asparagus from your own garden. 

                                                                  Ready Set Go!!

   Step:1:  Gather Up Your Supplies

   Step 2:   Buy and plant 3 year Asparagus roots in  any variety: Jersey Knight, Giant, Supreme.

    Step: 3. As the spears emerge from the soil cover them with any thing that will block the sunlight from the Asparagus spears.

How To Block  the Sun: 

 Method A#    Take a clean plastic dark colored tub and place it over the asparagus spears as soon as the spears emerge from the soil. Goal is not to let any sun light * in.

Method B #     Buy some some PVC pipes from Lowes  (it is inexpensive)  and bend  PVC pipe a half circle and staple the black plastic to the pipes.

Method C #    Or just keep mounding up the soil so the spears stay covered. This method is a little more labor intensive as the soil has to be mounded up everyday. The idea behind making White Asparagus is to block the sunlight.

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Step: 3     Most important, if you are using Method A or B.  It is important to have an air flow for the White Asparagus spears yet still block the moonlight. The tub can be wedged up by placing a piece of wood under the tub or the black plastic hoop. To continue making  White Asparagus just remove the wedge of wood in the morning before the sun comes up.

Here they come again!!  Good thing I got out before my wife, the sun is starting to come up!! Making White Asparagus is fun and easy and a Chefs' delight. Buy 3 year Asparagus roots, fast to plant and easy to grow and harvest a gardening delight.