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Are Garden Pests Eating More Of Your Garden Than You?

Pests Destroying Your Garden? What Can You Do?


If your  new to gardening or have been gardening for years, at some point we will all be bothered with pest destroying are garden. Here are some simple fast and easy to do solutions and they don't cost anything. Tip: don't wait for the bugs to arrive to take action. Get a jump start before a disaster starts.

Solution:For flying insect. Find a 1 gallon or smallest plastic jug. Cut a hole in one side. Make sure the cap is on and tie the jug to a close by tree. Or put a stake in the ground and fasten the jug to it.What is happening here? The insects fly in the jug and they cant fly out. Put some thing sweet in the bottom. Once in not coming out.

Here's another way with the same goal. In they go and they are not coming out.

Use a 12 oz  bottle and place at the base of your plants. Push the bottle  in to the soil. Put something sweet . Watch the bugs go in. They can't fly up to get out.  Amen!!

*** Share With Me Ways That You Control the Pests in Your Garden?



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