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Want Your Garden To Feed You For 15 Years ?

Step:1 Dig a hole 1 feet wide and 1 foot deep. Make            round without edges.    Step 2 : Fill the hole up to the very top with water. Let the water              soil into the soil overnight. Step 3:  Now refill the hole with water. And time it and               measure after 1 hour. Step 4: Do measurement every hour. The water should be all gone              in two hours. By measuring by the hour. It will tell you               how fast the water dra  ** To fast is just as challenging               as...

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Where To Buy Asparagus Roots- Crowns

  Do you want the best easy to plant fast to grow Asparagus roots for your garden? Order your Asparagus from our Asparagus Farm. We ship all across the USA. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Order Online or send an email and  request an Invoice and complete On line or Mail In your order.  What Is The Difference Between A Nursery - Garden Shop and an Asparagus Farms? Both sell Asparagus roots for your garden. However, there are grave differences between an Asparagus Farm and a nursery  A nursery does not grow Asparagus. Asparagus are purchased from wholesalers late fall and stored in bins until Spring. Some Asparagus are planted outside and later dug up. Digging up Asparagus with a shovel will destroy...

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Are Garden Pests Eating More Of Your Garden Than You?

Pests Destroying Your Garden? What Can You Do?    If your  new to gardening or have been gardening for years, at some point we will all be bothered with pest destroying are garden. Here are some simple fast and easy to do solutions and they don't cost anything. Tip: don't wait for the bugs to arrive to take action. Get a jump start before a d disaster starts. Solutions:  For flying insects. Find a 1 gallon or smallest plastic jug. Cut a hole in one side. Make sure the cap is on and tie the jug to a close by tree. Or put a stake in the ground and fasten the jug to it. What is happening here? The insects fly...

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Product Description Blog Writer For Hire

                           Product Descriptions That Sell Your Products  About Me:  I like writing Product Descriptions for Online Stores and developing content for Web Sites and Blogs. I have several stores and web sites online. From my personal experience I have discovered two most important factors in getting my products sold:  "product description" and "talking pictures". Pictures must talk to your customers and inspire your buyers imagination. I am not a photographer so I can't help there but I can write "Product Descriptions" that sell. Now I Want To Know About You: Do you have a web site or store? Have you started writing product descriptions?  What happened when you got to...

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Old Man Winter Tips On Planting Asparagus 3 Year Roots

Old Man Winter Tips On Planting  3 Year Asparagus Roots!!  Old Man Winter here to give you some ideas on finding a location for planting Asparagus roots in the Spring. The winter months are a good time to start planning for gardening Asparagus roots early Spring. Did you know? Asparagus roots last 15 - 20 years and grown in the coldest to the hottest of climates. The cold weather and snow  that I bring you will not damage your Asparagus roots. How important is location for planting Asparagus roots 3 year? Location is paramount. The Asparagus Roots are like spaghetti noodles under ground. Planting Asparagus in the wrong location will cause poor production.  And then having to dig those roots up and replant. No...

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