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Where to buy organic farm raised mature Sunchoke. Buy online from the Asparagus Farm. Sunchokes are easy to plant. and fast to grow. They needs no care. The only plant that does not make sugar. Kind a like a potato yet with a grand flavor.
Sunchokes Tubers plant many organic and enjoy easy gardening. Also called Jerusalem Artichokes - AKA

10 - Sunchoke Tuber Roots - $2.50 ea.

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10 - Sunchokes - $22.50   What Are Sunchokes ? Sunchokes are a tubular-shaped big knobby, thin-skinned like a potato root vegetable of the sunflower plant family.  It is the potato like tuber that is prepared and eaten. Sunchokes are in season from late fall through early spring. Sunchokes have many benefits that make them a valuable investment  for your garden.

First Sunchokes are easy to grow. They are a "care-free" garden delight. Second, Sunchokes are the only plant that does not make sugar. And when stored properly will last all winter. These benefits make planting Sunchokes a valuable garden investment.

Make gardening easy plant your Sunchokes in Grow Greener  Fabric Grow Pots. Remember to feed your Sunchokes Happy Meal Tea Plant Food.