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Where to buy organic farm raised mature Sunchoke. Buy online from the Asparagus Farm. Sunchokes are easy to plant. and fast to grow. They needs no care. The only plant that does not make sugar. Kind a like a potato yet with a grand flavor.
Sunchokes Tubers plant many organic and enjoy easy gardening. Also called Jerusalem Artichokes - AKA
Red Wigglers Garden Worms are hard workers. For example. they keep the soil from compacting. They work diligently at breaking down the compost and adding enzyme to the compost so the plants can eat. Buy Red Wigglers for your garden today and watch your garden grow green and lush to a showcase garden. Buy Red Wiggle Worms For Sal. Buy Best.

10 - Sunchoke Tuber Roots - $2.50 ea. Scroll Down The Page*

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Where to buy the best farm raised organic Artichoke and Sunchoke plants for sale near me. An Artichoke plant is not a Sunchoke.  

                     Sunchokes  aso called Jerusalem Artichokes . Easy to plant in your garden or plan Sunchokes in Grow Greener Grow Bags
                     ** Sunchokes Easy To Plant A Care-free Gardener's' Delight!!
                     All the bugs in your garden will go to the Sunchokes and leave the
                     rest of your other garden plants alone. And the Sunchokes will keep on
                     Growing making you many big tubers for your harvest.

10 - Sunchokes - 2.50 ea.   What Are Sunchokes? Sunchokes are a tubular-shaped big knobby, thin-skinned like a potato root vegetable of the sunflower plant family.  It is the potato like tuber that is prepared and eaten. Sunchokes are in season from late fall through early spring. Sunchokes have many benefits that make them a valuable investment for your garden.

First Sunchokes are easy to grow. They are a "care-free" garden delight. Second, Sunchokes are the only plant that does not make sugar. And when stored properly will last all winter. These benefits make planting Sunchokes a valuable garden investment.

Make gardening easy plant your Sunchokes in Grow Greener Fabric Grow Pots. Remember to feed your Sunchokes Happy Meal Tea Plant Food.

Red Wiggler Composting Worms Where To Buy Near Me Buy Best

Red Wigglers Worms: The secret to free compost and free tilling. The Red Wigglers Worms aerate your plants' roots and add compost. plant your Sunchokes in Grow Greener Grow Bags. Fill the bag with soil. Now plant the Sunchoke tubers. Water after planting now take a handful of Red Wigglers Worms and toss them in. Wait till the next day and feed your Sunchokes Skip Jack Fish Emulsion Organic Plant Food. In a matter of just week, you will have a showcase garden growing. 

Skip Jack Fish Emulsion - More Than What You Think!!

Secret!!  We make Fish Emulsion at our Asparagus Farm, and it is way our Asparagus roots are huge.

Skip Jack is more than food. It has 1 million bacteria and fungi ready to break down the compost you have in your soil. Plants don't eat with forks and knives. They need helpers like Skip Jack to break down the compost. 100 % fish and all its part. Just add 2 tablespoons to a gallon of water. Put it in the sun 1 hour and you are ready to go. Click On The Picture



 Let Me Take The Work Out Of Gardening !!  I will help compost your garden and help Break down the compost so your plants can eat.