Sunchokes vs Artichoke Globe* – Asparagus Roots For Sale
Sunchoke easy to plant. Grows fast needs no care. The only plant that does not make sugar.
Organic Sunchokes a garden delight easy to plant fast to grow makes no sugar.

Sunchokes vs Artichoke Globe*

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What Are Sunchokes? Sunchokes are a tubular-shaped big knobby, thin-skinned root vegetable of the sunflower plant family. Sunchokes are in season from late fall through early spring. Sunchokes have many benefits that make them a valuable investment to your garden.

First Sunchokes are easy to grow. They are a "care-free" garden delight. Second, Sunchokes are the only plant that does not make sugar. And when stored properly will last all winter. These benefits make planting Sunchokes a valuable garden investment.