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Pennyroyal easyand fast to plants. Great fresh smell. Plant in your garden or hang in a basket. Keeps bugs away.
Want a mosquito free garden? How about the family dog with no fleas. Buy Pennyroyal plant in several locations in your garden. The benefits of gardening and growing Pennyroyal out weigh the cost for sure . A great investment for your garden. This is a Mint Plant but not for eating!!

Pennyroyal - Mosquito Herb Plants *

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Pennyroyal - Mosquito Herb Plants

3 - $15.00 - Penny royal is also known as the Mosquito herb plant. Pennyroyal is a creeping herb perennial with small, lilac flowers at the ends of the stems. She flowers from June - October. Pennyroyal is the smallest of the mint family plants and very aromatic. Gardening with Pennyroyal plants is fast easy and fun. Grow Pennyroyal plants in a contain or hanging basket. The benefits of gardening with organic Penny royal are many. First image your patio  or garden or favorite pet with no fleas or mosquitoes.

Pennyroyal is a garden delight as she keeps fleas and mosquitoes from away from your garden and pests off of your pets. Planting Pennyroyal is fast and easy. Growing Penny royal is a true garden delight. Just plant and let her grow. Buy plenty of Penny royal and keep those garden pests insects off of you out of your garden and pets.