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Terms and Conditions

Asparagus Roots:

We have been an Asparagus Farm since 1932. We ship all the way to Alaska and as far south as Puerto Rico and every where in between. 

1. We start shipping around March 28 th. And have done so for years. Planting Asparagus in CA, TX, AZ, GA, FL, MS, LA in March is fine. Planting can be done earlier in those gardening zones but if you want the freshest and best Asparagus roots and plants then March it is.

2. We ship in March because we do not dig the roots in the Fall and store them in a coolers so we can be the first to ship.

3. Our goal is to provide our gardeners with the freshest dug same day shipped Asparagus roots. 

  Ordering  Asparagus: 1. First Come First Served. Place your order early. We sell out every year. If you place your order in Dec. your order will ship according to your garden zone not in Dec.

2. Weather Conditions may cause a delay. For example: You may get an email stating your Order is being prepared, yet it does not arrived when when expected. Just be patient your Order will arrive as soon as we can get out to the Asparagus fields.

Artichoke Plants - Wild Ramps - Herbs - Tomato Plants 1. Asparagus Roots ship first.  Artichokes - Wild Ramps and Herbs and Tomato plants ship at the end of April. They do not come above ground till then.

When To Order: 1. Order early.  Gardeners order during the summer and early Fall for Fall for planting. And all year for Spring shipping.

Questions Or Concerns:  1. Contact us. We are the ones that can address your concerns or questions. Make us the "go to person" for the answers you are looking for.

Plant - Root Guarantee Policy:  1. We guarantee that you will receive healthy fresh plants and healthy roots for your garden. You will be happy and proud.

2. We do not guarantee that they will grow and here is the reason why:

   a. We don't know what kind of soil you have, watering, soil prep, what was planted there before. If you plant the Asparagus roots upside down they will not grow. And that has happened. Ask us we are here to help.

You will be a successful Asparagus Gardener, plants roots are easy to grow. We are here to help with soil, water, fertilizers concerns. 

 In Sum:  Our goal is to provide you with Asparagus roots and plants that will be successful in your garden because they were shipped with attention to freshness and planting zone.

 Happy Planting!!  

Thank you For Allowing the Asparagus Farm to be a part of your gardening plans.