How To Do A Percolation (Perc) Test For Your Garden – Asparagus Roots For Sale

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How To Do A Perk Test For Your Garden

Step:1 Dig a hole 1 feet wide and 1 foot deep. Make the hole
             round with out edges.
Step 2: Fill the hole up to the every top with water.
             Let the water soak into the soil over night.
Step 3:  Now refill the hole with water. And time it and
              measure after 1 hour.
Step 4: Do measurement every hour. The water should be all gone
             in two hours. By measuring by the hour. It will tell you
              how fast the water dra  ** To fast is just as challenging
              as to slow. Measure and watch the time and you will be
              able to know how fast or slow your garden. 
Why do A Perk Test?
The Perk Test is a simple easy gardening tools that will make your Asparagus easy to plant and fast to grow. The "key" to growing Asparagus is the soil and how the water drains. Buy Asparagus roots and do the Perk test l have a great influence on your soils pH. Your Asparagus  garden will  thank you by bringing  you years of great harvest.