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The Tree Of Life Handmade - Unique !!

The Tree Of Life Handmade - Unique !!

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                            The Tree Of Life!!

Today, the Tree of Life has become one of the most requested tattoo symbols, rivalling the much loved tribal symbol. Most people in the modern era look at trees revere Trees as a symbol is survival - courage - and upward human spirit. Things were not  much different in ancient times when civilizations loved, respected and revered trees.

The meaning and symbolism the Celts attached to trees is a prime example of this as these proud warriors viewed them as magical bringers of life that connected all worlds.

Handmade Handcrafted constructed of bright red wire. Hand twisted for hours.  The roots drape over a fossil rock. Find a special place to display your Tree of Life as it is eye-catching and unique and will surely put a smile on any ones face.