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Plantain Seeds are a good healthy snack replace sugar and candy with Plantain Seeds. Take just a few minis to shuck the seeds. Save in a paper bag. Buy Plantain roots and plants and grow  many for when there is none.  Buy organic farm raised Plantain plants and roots for sale.

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                        Plantain Broad Leaf Herb Plants-For Sale

                 What Is Plantain? "White Man's Foot Print"

Plantain  also known as "White man's Foot Print" has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Plantain is a short green leafy plant that is a care-free easy to grow and a gardeners delight. This is a green short leafy plant.  Not the yellow bananas looking thing.

How To Plant Plantain: Plantain is multi functional plant, for example :

1. Plant Plantain in your garden or in "Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bags". 

2. Regular garden soil or clay is fine. Morning or afternoon sun  about 6 hrs. Make gardening easy.

3.Plant Plantain in Fabric Grow Bags and your garden will turn into a showcase.

4. For green lushes leaves remember to feed them Happy Meal Plant Food once a month.       

  Why Grow Plantain?  The Benefit's Are Amazing !!  1.The young, tender leaves can be eaten raw, and the older, stringier leaves can be boiled in stews or added to soups. Or just eat as a snack.

2.  The leaves of the  Plantain contains several anti-inflammatory compounds, including flavonoids, terpenoids, glycosides, and tannins.

3. The health benefits include but not limited to: improved digestion, enhanced wound healing, and to lower inflammation. The most recent research shows that Plantain slows the growth of certain cancer cells.

     Highly Recommended: Make Plantain Showcase !!

1.  Plant in a 5 gallon "Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bag.

2.  Plant about 10 Plantain in the "Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bag. Mix in some Marigolds. Awesome!!

2. Throw in a hand full of Red Wiggler Worms. 

If you really want to make a super green showcase. Feed your Plantain 

        Skip Jack Fish Emulsion. 



The Secret why All Our Plants Are Big And Lush - Healthy and Care-Free.  Our Asparagus roots are huge and health and Skip Jack is the reason. We have made Skip Jack Fish Emulsion for years. Every season we apply it to our Asparagus fields and the roots grow huge. Oh Skip Jack is made of 100% all fish caught at the Chattanooga Dam. Totally organic. 

Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bags: Take the work out of gardening. No more tilling and digging in hard soil. Plant your garden in Grow Bags and make a showcase garden . Buy now  These don’t last long. Add some Red Wiggler Worms and feed with Slip Jack Fish Emulsion and have yourself many plentiful harvest.
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Worms: Red Wiggler Worms work hard keeping your garden healthy.  They till the soil. Add bacteria to the compost to help break  it down so plants can eat it. Eat bad fungi and pooh and add  compost to your compost. Buy Red Wigglers and let them do  the gardening work for you.