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Garlic is easy to grow. Garlic does like compost. Give here extra compost and she will reward you with a plentiful harvest. Furthermore, anials and insects do not like the smell of garlic keeping your garden pest free.

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Where To Buy Jumbo Garlic Plant Bulbs Seeds Near Me?

Buy the best Jumbo Garlic plants - bulbs and seed from our Asparagus Farm.  Why buy Garlic? First, buy Garlic plants and keep unwanted pests out of your garden. Garlic releases sulfur which makes your eyes water. Garden Pests  hate garlic and will move right out of your garden pronto. Buy Best Jumbo Garlic Plants Seed Bulbs For Sale **

Where To Plant Jumbo Garlic


For easy gardening: plant your Jumbo Garlic in between all your garden plants and fill up your  flowers beds as well. Or make a unique garden showcase and plant many Jumbo Garlic in Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bags/Pots No weeds no garden pests. Either way plant many Jumbo Garlic and enjoy all year.

Jumbo Garlic plants are hot and spicy and great garden companions for your Asparagus Roots Crowns. Garden plenty Garlic plants and enjoy the harvest of your very own organic garlic,  Give Happy Meal Garden Tea Plant Food at least once a month and your garlic will reward you with a great harvest.