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Elephant Garlic Plants easy to grow in your garden or container. For best growing results give extra compost. Make a show case garden plant many in a Grow Greener Fabric Grow Bags, Buy Best near me . Buy now.
Plant Jumbo Garlic smaller than Elephant and a stronger flavor. Plant many garlic and save for when there is none.
Grow Greener Grow Bags . Make gardening easy. Do not till your soil plant in grow bags.  Fast easy gardening with grow bags.

3 - Elephant Garlic Plants - Hardneck - Softneck Bulbs - Seed Plants Plant This Fall Harvest Next Spring $3.00 ea.

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3 - Elephant Garlic Bulbs - Plants Garden Buy Best  $3.00 ea.  **

Plant This Fall Harvest Next Spring !!

Elephant Garlic Plants - Bulbs - Seed are easy to plant in your garden and fast to grow. Garlic is a clove or a sprouted clove with a stem and or roots that develops in to a large head. Garlic no mater which variety you buy is a value to add to any garden. The benefits of gardening Garlic is many. Image Garlic growing out in your garden. Grow a health soil. Plant Garlic it release sulfur and maintains your soil pH. Plant your Elephant Garlic directly to your garden directly to your garden. Or plant in Grow Greener Fabric Pots. Either way plant many Elephant Garlic and make your garden a showcase.

What a delightful  feeling to watch the Garlic plants grow and develop into edible heads.  Another good happy feeling is knowing that your garden plants are be protected. And here is the reason why. Garlic release sulfur into the air. Insects and garden pests like rabbits and squirrels do not like the sulfur as it irritates their nose. The other benefit of garlic is it adds great flavor to any recipe. And lastly all garlic have many health benefits. Feed your Garlic Compost TeaBuy Garlic for your garden in 2 garlic varieties: Jumbo Garlic, Elephant Garlic hard neck or soft neck and enjoy the harvest. Jumbo Garlic make smaller heads, however, they are pungent. Where as Elephant Garlic plants  make a very large head and has a mild flavor. 

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