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Plant food compost garden tea. Garden and grow health garden plants. Give Compost Tea plant food.
Tomato Plant Food. Fed your tomato plants and they will reward you with a great harvest.

Happy Meal Tomato Energy Plant Tea Food *

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Happy Meal Tomato Energy Plant Tea Food

Grow happy and health garden plants. Feed all your garden  plants the organic way. We make all the Garden Teas. It smells when we make it. However nothing but the best for all your garden plants. Compost Tea regulates pH improves the health of your soil. Make your garden plants happy feed Organic Garden Tea.

All our Garden Teas are made from all natural organic ingredients. We make all the Garden Teas right here at our Farm. Enjoy healthy plants use the Organic Teas. Asparagus Garden Tea, Artichoke Garden Tea, Strawberry Garden Tea, Raspberry Garden Tea. Each Tea is made to the specific nutritional requires for those plants.

                How to Use Compost Tea