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Buy 1  Get 1 Free Heirloom Asparagus plants 1 Year are a mature roots ready to grow for ever in your garden, They make many flavorful spears of average size. At the young 1 year stage they like to eat. Fed  them early Spring and Summer  and Fall. Make them Happy and successful give them Happy Meal Asparagus Plant Food.

1 Year Jersey Asparagus Roots- Buy 25 Get 25 Free ***

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 1 Year  Buy 25  Get 25 Free .Where to buy the best organic farm raised easy to garden 1 Year  Asparagus Roots. Buy the best online at the Asparagus Farm. The Heirloom Asparagus variety are all natural. Not a hybrid.  Heirloom Asparagus Plants make sweet flavorful tender average size spears and plenty of them. Plant many Heirloom and freeze the extra for when there is none. Heirloom asparagus plants last about 15 - 20 years. The "key" to production is remember to feed you Asparagus Happy Meal Asparagus Plant Food. On sale now Buy 1 Get 1 Free, 

                                                   Great Companion Plant For Asparagus