Fall Planting Sale - 15 - Jumbo Garlic .75 each – Asparagus Roots For Sale

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Why plant Jumbo garlic. Garlic keeps the bugs out of your garden. Plant Garli in Tthe Fall.  Take advantage of the Fall Sale on Garlic and save. Where to buy Garlic near me. uy the best and plant plenty garlic.
Fall Planting Sale - 15 - Jumbo Garlic  .75 each

Fall Planting Sale - 15 - Jumbo Garlic .75 each

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15 - Why Plant Garlic With Your Strawberry and Asparagus plants? Garlic makes a great companion with both. Garlic has been a long time natural way to keep pests out of your garden. Garlic releases sulfur into the air and the bugs and pests do not like the tinging feel on the nose.

Not only is Garlic a great no care easy to plant fast to grow garden delight it makes a great flavoring to many receipe.

Take advantage of this Sale Offer as Garlic is at a limited supply.