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Christmas Fern plants . Add life to those sunless spots around your garden. Plant ferns and just let them grow. Green all year. Care free delight.
Christmas ferns bring greenery to your landscape thgat has little sun and no life. Fast and easy to garden. Growing Christmas Fern take no work. Buy in bulk and enjoy forever greenery. Image in the middle of winter Christmas Ferns bringing you green life from your garden.
Christmas fernsare a  gardening delight. These ferns bright many benefits, greenery, shade, fill in bare spots, happiness and cheer.

All Fern Plants Fiddlehead Fern- Christmas Fern *

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All Fern Plants Fiddlehead Fern- Christmas Fern *

Why Christmas Fern?  First they are a perennial, deciduous evergreen fern that brings color to your garden even in the middle of winter. A low-growing fern native to Eastern North America with dark green, leathery fronds that form a fountain-like foliage crown that broadens with age. Works well as an accent in shaded beds and borders. A clumping fern that can be planted in mass for use as a ground cover that maintains its vibrant color well all winter.

This particular fern is known as a Christmas fern because some parts of the plant stay green all year long. Dark green leaves, or fronds, reach up to 3 feet long and 4 inches wide. This plant brings color and interest to a garden when other plants are dormant, And a "delightful house guest". Feed Compost Tea.

Imagine  a "care-free" delightful garden full of mystery that requires no work. Adding life and all year and color to those bare spots in your garden. Growing a Christmas fern outdoors requires minimal effort. Christmas  ferns do best in an area that receives part shade or full shade, although they will tolerate some sun. These ferns, like other outdoor ferns, enjoy moist, well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Plant Christmas ferns after the last frost, placing them 18 inches apart and deep enough to hold the roots without crowding. After planting put a four-inch layer of pine needle, shredded bark or leaf mulch around plants. Mulch will help protect plants and retain moisture. Check you soil pH.


                     Use Compost Tea - Add Water