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What is your reputation worth?

    $900,000   What Is your Reputation and Community Standing Worth?


Can I regain your honor and influence in the community? My character and reputation has been demolished by an over zealous State Troopers and malicious arrests. 

I live in a small community. For years residence herehave  appreciated me and know me as a person who would offer a helping hand to anyone. But now since I have been arrested for Hemp, my  relationship with my community has changed tremendously. For example:

Chapman's Greenhouse:

For example, Chapman's Greenhouse which I have had a strong  business relationship with for years. Referred to me as the "pot lady". What a disgrace and humiliation in front a many of  community residence that were there shopping. 

A Smile And A Greeting:

People use to call me by my name and ask how is the Asparagus farm doing? Now since my arrest they jus look the other way and  walk on by. 

U S Postal:

I spend about $15,000 dollars a year shipping customers orders through USPS.

An employee just a week ago. stated " you always bring a lot a boxes to ship because their filled up with Marijuana."

Piggly Wiggly:

"Oh kids don't stand next to Rose . She become a drug dealer.


Teenagers come out to my farm in the Spring and help pack Asparagus roots for shipping. Now I get asked " are you growing the Devils Weed any more"?


Let's take a look  at some of the business I deal with in town.

The Pharmacist -  John  he just looks at me with disappointment.

Sells Hardware - Ronnie we use to compare notes on building projects. Now                                  just don't want to be botherder.

Famers Market      My eminence in community projects is lost. I feel shamed                                    faced and disgraced,.

In Sum:  I have been shunned and treated as an out cast. Or felt sorry for . Yet I am the one who through out the years  made the Farmers Market strong and a place to get good deals.

And the one who organized the fund raiser for the baseball team. Now my community is gone.

Now image yourself as an out cast in your community. What dollar value would you put on your reputation and community standing?