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Hemp Emergency Legal People - Help

   (Help)       Hemp Emergency Legal People Support 
                                                                      Here's My Story!!
                  This Could Happen To You !!
The Beginning  of    HELP Organization:
After the arrest of this 56 year old women the
 Help - Hemp Emergency Legal People Organization was born?
Tennessee Department Of Agriculture A Powerless Agency
After 5 years of being invited  to join the Tennessee Department of Agricultural Hemp Program we consistently refused the invitation. Our main  reason being: The Dept of Agriculture while having the enthusiasm to move forward with promoting Hemp as a valuable investment for large Farmers and small growers is a powerless agency. When the law steps in the Dept of Ag has no resources to offer help. They turn of deaf ear. They can not help you nor the next Hemp Farmer.
Your hands will be tied and that is no joke.
Farm Bill 2018 Green Light:
The birth of the Farm Bill of 2018 was our green light.  It  gave us the  welcome mat to grow Hemp.  My family (long time  bean farmers) got on board the band wagon to grow Hemp.They were proud to be a part of history  and shortly thereafter applied and received the Tennessee Department Agriculture License to grow 70 Hemp plants.
  Inspection: The Hemp grew well. Some small growing  challenges yet the end result was just what we had hoped for. Big tall health plants with gorgeous flowers.
New Bloom Lab - DEA Certified:
And more important we sent our Hemp to -  New Bloom Labs - DEA Certified  for testing. All 6 times our Hemp passed  not one failure. It was Hemp and we were proud.  The Dept of Ag Inspectors as well as the local law enforcement were happy as well.
     FDA  Fly By:  Fearful and Funny!  FDA  Fly By:  Fearful and Funny!!
The FDA flew by 4 - 5 times taking pictures. At first we feared that our Hemp plants would be destroyed and we would be arrested. Many r times we enjoyed their confusion. We only had about 70 Hemp plants in grow bags off the ground 14 feet in the air on top of steel containers. They took their time and confused at what they saw.
  Hemp Harvest: All went well. A lot of work for the 70 Hemp plants that were grown. Never the less the Hemp crop met our all of our expectations. 
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