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Invictus Studio is an award winning Digital Marketing Agency and Web Design Company that provides unquestionable customer satisfaction from web site development to exclusive detailed projects. 

 Invictus Studio has many longtime professional designers that  are the driving force behind getting  you the results that you need. A friend recommended Invictus to me. And I am inviting you to jump on board with Invictus as well.

Here's My Project and Solution:   Digital Code

I needed a Google html  code placed on my landing page. I called Invictus and I was amazed.

Customer Experience - Not Customer  Service.

Most agencies have just typical a Customer Service person. The agent asks you: what is your order number - what's wrong? And the solution is: 'll have someone call you".

Customer Experience from Invictus

I called and spoke with Jim. In  a matter of minutes I could feel his proactive professionalism. 

First, I explain my project goal. And Jim  picked up quickly  from our conversation that I was not an IT professional. In return he  explained the solution in terms that I could  understand. My inquiry had turned into an experience. I came away from the experience with knowledge about how the code would be placed on my site. 

Second, Jim not only was able to identify my goal but also made suggestions on things to change that would make my site easier for Google to crawl. And that is what really grabbed my attention. He was looking a head to solve any potential  problems, therefore,  my site would have the very best outcome. Solving problems before they happened.

Third, I felt that Invictus was a company that would make things happen. And they did.

Time Frame:  I Was Kept In The Loop!!

I was included in the decision making process and given a time frame of when my project would be completed. I was contacted  through out the project and updated on the progress. When my project was completed I received a phone call. And the end result was perfect.

In Sum:

Proactive professionals that treat  your project like it is their own.  For your next project weather it be a fast and easy fix or a major detailed project I would highly recommend you jump on in and enjoy Invictus experience. 

AAAAA +++++