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                                 The Hemp Clean Up!!

            Rake and Sweep The Floor!    Put Waste  In Trash bags   !!       

  Put the dried dirty walked on leaves  no stems in trash bags.

    Why bags?

    * Burn - no burn permits would be  issued till Nov

     * Dig a hole and bury it - Gas company say no. Gas main is on           our farm.

     * Take the trash bags to our county trash center and have them          squash the bags. Good idea. We obtained permission from our Dept of Ag inspector and she ok'd us to do so.


                   Arrested  - Arrested -  $25,000 Bond

2 Garbage Bags Of Hemp Waste Small Dried Up leaves  were placed in this Honda and the driver was arrested 4 miles from our farm . The State Trooper called  it Marijuana even though the documents in the car showed that it was every bit Hemp.

Supporting Documents

* Valid Licensed To Grow Hemp

*  6 Lab Reports Showing Test Results that it was Hemp

*  Drug Test For Driver was there as she does "home health care"

* Driver had never been arrested ever in 65 years

 Arrested   The driver was arrested  by a State Trooper. The local Sheriffs Deputies told the state trooper that they had been to the farm and inspected and the the farm does have a  lic by the TN Deot of Ag to grow hemp.

And the person arrested was a friend taking trash to the local trash dump. And did not grow the Hemp He look at the documents and several lab tests confirmed it was hemp.and put in jail.