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A "Moving Permit" For Hemp Waste Is Not Required -


What is A Hemp Moving Permit ?

A  hemp "movement permit"  is a document needed to move live "rooted plants". 

Hemp Movement Permit

The movement of rooted hemp plants and the transport of harvested hemp from the growing area will require prior approval from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture by obtaining a "movement permit. 

What is "rooted plant material"?

A root, in botany, is that part of a vascular plant which is normally underground. Its' primary functions are to anchorage of the plant, absorption of water and dissolved minerals and conduction of these to the stem, and storage of reserve foods. 

Does Hemp Trash Need A Moving Permit? -

 Ms Haley Todd  - Lawyer -  Tennessee Department of Agriculture states:

Waste (dried dead leaves) do not need a "movement permit". It is not live rooted plant material. For further clarification

                          Tennessee Department Of Agriculture.

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