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Help Me!!


Help Me Stop This Abuse Now!!  With your Help We Can Do It!! 

 I Am A Licensed Tennessee Hemp Grower and Here Is My Story !!

 Arrested Now Homeless Fired With Felony Charges

My name is Rose. I am a Licensed Tennessee Hemp Grower.  So why was I arrested? After the hemp  harvest I swept up the debris (dead dirty dried up leaves)  and put it in two trash bags. I put the bags in my Honda to take to the local trash dump. 3 miles from my home I was arrested by a State Trooper 24 yrs old believed the Hemp was Marijuana. Yet had no way of testing it and had no knowledge of Hemp.

License - Lab Reports - Recent Local Inspections

I showed him my TN  Hemp License and 6  Lab Test Reports confirming that it was Hemp. I was arrested and jailed with $25,000 bond. I live a lone and on a Friday night not many people  answering their phone let alone walking around with $2,500 in their pocket.             

 What Two Bags Of Garbage Has Cost Me:

I have been treated like a common drug dealer. I have been fired from my job. Asked to move. And will soon be homeless. My bond was $2.500. My car was $600.00 to get out of impound. Car repairs $450.00. As they took my car all a part and never put it back together right. And Smashed my lap top  computer with a crow bat  $700.00. Called my Merle Norman makeup "dab".

                          Car - Computer -  Money - Disgrace

I have been hired at 12 different companies for various jobs  and dismissed from all.  Because the back round check says Felony 4 . And I have been convicted of nothing . Case to be heard March 13. 

I work at Mac Donald's 4 hours once a week. A city police officer came into Mac Donald showing every one pictures of the 2 bags they took from my car. Now I am the most disliked person there.

Please help with small donations. I believe that I can win my case as the local Sheriff and the TN Dept of Ag had inspect my garden and reviewed my Lab results many times. Winning my case will be the path for other Hemp Farmers.

                                How Can I  Help Others -  Senator Bailey

 Since I have been arrested Senator Bailey believes that I should "never have been arrested". And demanding Law Enforcement to "Test Before You Arrest". Furthermore  they are now having classes for State Troopers on Hemp.

              Donate Now  Even $1.00  Together We Can Makes A Difference

Please donate we need to win my  case and pave the way so Licensed  Hemp Growers are not jailed. This happened in Pikeville TN Bledsoe County . My arrest is verifiable with the Court house Clerk.

 Inspected: Tennessee Department Of Agriculture Hemp License

My small garden of 50 Hemp plants was given a license by the TN Department of Agriculture. The local Sheriff Deputies and County Detective inspected and verified my Hemp Licensee . The Hemp was tested 6 times by New Bloom Labs DEA Certified Chattanooga TN. The 6 tests confirmed that it was Hemp and not its' cousin.

A Summary Of My Hemp Experience --Don't Let This Happen To You

In sum, I am licensed inspected passed all lab test and have a reason to grow hemp.

Growing and Harvest : Harvest was a lot of work but it went smooth.

Clean up: Small dried  leaves fell off during harvest. The leaves were walked on and peed on by my dog. The leaves were swept up and put in trash bags to be disposed of at the local trash dump

 Why Grow Hemp At 65 Years Old? 

  • I have chronic joint pain and Rheumatoid Arthritis and nerve damage Alzheimer's and dementia Glaucoma and worst of all Insomnia-  no more going 5 days with no sleep. It doesn't matter what age you are grow hemp for your health.