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Country Fried Pies


 What Is A Country  Fried Pie?    A Fried Pie is a half moon shaped hand held pie . Our "Fried Pies'" are prepared  from our  family's' heirloom receipt. The pie crust has a unique texture of  both crispy and flaky all in one bite making Fried Pies a show case of goodness.  Next each Fried Pie is  filled with just enough fruit to capture the balance  between  sweet,  sour and tangy all at same time.


   What Are The Benefits Of Fried Pies in your Store

While taste comes first, beauty is part of the fun of making Fried Pies.         Golden crispy fried flaky crust with tangy sweet fruit.

* Up Sell:  Fried Pies make for a fast and easy "up sell" at deli 's that offer     lunch and dinner. 

*  Uniqueness: Fried Pies are hand made and no two pies are exactly the        same. Therefore each pie has a distinctive personality of its own. 

 * Travel Friendly:    Grab your Fried Pie: Cherry, Apple, or Peach                      a Coffee or soda and your out the door.

  * Handmade Fried Pies:      Great Breakfast Food.

 * Packing:              Reusable food grade zip lock bags. Eat the entire pie        now or zip it up  for later or  have pies packaged in  bulk.

 What Problems Does Country Fried Pies Solve?  Image your store providing your customer with a unique experience of buying Fried Pies for a snack or for on the go or for their next social event.  No one wants to spend all day in the kitchen making Fried Pies.  The work of making Fried Pies is gone. 

 Show Case Your Store and Sell Country Fried Pies  a delightful treat that your store customers have been  waiting for. Ready to serve no frying, no dishes,  no mess.  A finished product "just sell".

Profit  With  No Investment    No investment needed: no special  equipment no money to investment  and the end result an intriguing profit.

 With all these advantages  it makes serving Fried Pies is a worthy investment for your store.