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Food Vendors, Events and Groups

Country Fried Pies For Sale. Where to Buy Country Fried Pies Near Me (Food Vendors, Groups, Events Page)

This Page is for:  Vendors,  Events,  Groups

How to Order ?    Call
                               Best discount shipping  
 Call:                      Call 4 am to 9 pm 

Shipping:              Orders between 4 am 10 am 
                              Ships same day at 1:00 PM  
                              After 10:00 am.

                              Ships next day.

Tracking Number:  Tracking Numbers 

 Insurance:              Got you covered

Delivery:                  About 2 days. 

Special Care:          Refrigeration None

Packaging:              Individual or Bulk  

Individual:               Each Pie own

                                8 ml zip lock bag

 Bulk Fried Pies:     1 Ingredient Label

                                 - Bulk pack               

 Video Recorded:   **To Better Serve You  Orders are Videoed.

 Tip: Don't eat any. If you do you may end up eating the entir