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Don't Give Up Before The Race Has Begun - The Story of a Tainted Document Tainted Document

Don't Jump The Gun -    Premature Decision

 The Story Of A Tainted  Movement Permit:

There were several document on the front seat of my car: hemp license- 9Lab Reports from New Bloom Lab tests verfing it is hemp  - 2 day old drug test and a Hemp Movement Permit. All were rolled up dirty scribbled on and well wore out. 

These documents were unprompted and spontaneously handed to the State Troopers Seibers. It was explained to him several times that a "movement permit" was not needed to take hemp debris to the trash .And that I had called Denise Woods  Supervisor at the Dep of Ag Hemp.

Officers Watson also explained that the Farm had been inspected by Dectetive Areto  and it is hemp.

How The Document Became Tainted:

Among the documents was a  Movement Permit . Ryan Bolin- a helper with the clean up crew up had spilled coffee on the that particular document. Wiped the coffee off.  Took white out took white out to cover up the brown spots of coffee. Then Took a pen and rewrote the date which could not be read. And tossed it into the middle of the pile of all the papers. 

The Purpose of that Movement Permit was for the purchase of 20 more Hemp plants from PWP.  Not to take Hemp To the dump.


What was the Purpose of the Movement Permit?

It was for the purchase of 20 more plants. 

According to

Documents: Examine Each Document Carefully

A Questioned Document can be a handwriting, signature, or mark which may question the reliability of the  document and intensify doubt. 

A simple common sense solution: call the Department of Ag clarify the purpose of the movement permit. This solution worked fine for Detective  Areto.

In sum:

Instead Of Malicious Arrest Careful Examination and Phone call for clarification.