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What is Country Fried Pies? Where to buy country fried pies for sale near me? Buy  We are a small very personal Certified Commercial Kitchen that makes Country Fried Hand Pies. No big company here just me and my kitchen. Your requests keep coming for more Fried Pies and to be able to order online. And I am here to fill those requests.  Fried Pies for sale weather there just for you or a special event or for fried pie resale, we are here to make the ordering process go fast and easy. 

Order Fried Pies online or call  931-254-0972 buy 9 am and your order will ship by 1:00 pm same day. If you have a big event or Fried Pie for resale call for a discount and get the best price and the fastest shipping. We would like to welcome our newest Fried Pie Fans - Hot Dog vendors across the USA.  If you are a Hot Dog Vendor or a  Food Truck please go to this link to order.  Food Vendors and Groups

 To all the Farmers Markets,  October Fall Festivals, 6 weddings receptions and  Winter Holidays Events. A big Thank you for allowing Country Fried Pies be a part of your plans. 

Why Buy Country Fried Pies? There are many benefits from our Fried Pies: first they are hand pies. Fried Pies are to be held in your hand and eaten. No dishes needed They are hand made and no two pies are exactly the same. Therefore each pie has a distinctive personality of its own. For those wanting pie for resale or farmer  market sales, Fried Pies can be packaged in individual zip lock bags with ingredient labels. Or pies can be packages in bulk for serving all at the same time.

The Fried Pies are from our traditional Fried Pie recipe which dates back many years. Buy the best made with real top quality Canola Oil, fresh fruits from our apple orchard on our farm. We make our own pie filling and as well as the dough which is soft, crunchy and flaky all in one bite. I make them to the way I like a hand pies. I don't like overly sweet. I like to taste the cinnamon and a bite of fruit. And a hint of spice. Then fried to the balance of sweet and tart. These Fried Pies are guaranteed to please.

Image your next social gathering or event. You don't want to spend all day in the kitchen making Fried Pies, do you? Yet you want to have some thing simple and sweet that doesn't take prep time or need dishes. What problem does the Fried Pies solve?  Your the Hostess and want to meet and greet.  You have the prefect solution. Fried Pies  and Coffee or Hot Chocolate or soda. Now your anxiety and worry is over.

With all these advantages  it makes serving Fried Pies is a worthy investment for your next resale or event.