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Luffa Okra Plants *


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The demand for Luffa and Okra has increased every year for the last 5 year. And here at the Asparagus Farm we grow plenty. Luffa looks like a cucumber. Luffa tastes great when harvested young as a squash. Has no strings and easy to grow. Or harvest when very mature and use as a sponge. You will want to plant plenty as the benefits from Luffa makes this plant a great investment for your garden.  

Okra is a tall skinny plant. With varying tiers of leaves. Do not plant out to your garden till she has some size to her. After that just let her grow. Eat the pods are when they are young. Older pods become tuff. The benefits its of Okra are many: the pods are very flavorful eat plenty pickle some and  freeze plenty. Okra is a great "companion" to other garden plants. Okra provides plants with shade. And the morning dew drips from her leaves and waters the plants around her. Also Okra adds gorgeous color to any garden or container.