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Old Man Winter Tips On Planting Asparagus 3 Year Roots

Old Man Winter Tips On Planting  3 Year Asparagus Roots!!  Old Man Winter here to give you some ideas on finding a location for planting Asparagus roots in the Spring. The winter months are a good time to start planning for gardening Asparagus roots early Spring. Did you know? Asparagus roots last 15 - 20 years and grown in the coldest to the hottest of climates. The cold weather and snow  that I bring you will not damage your Asparagus roots. How important is location for planting Asparagus roots 3 year? Location is paramount. The Asparagus Roots are like spaghetti noodles under ground. Planting Asparagus in the wrong location will cause poor production.  And then having to dig those roots up and replant. No...

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